I was invited to Saturna Island by the Saturna Ecological Education Center commonly known as (SEEC) to see what they were up to, and create a short promotional video to attract students for the upcoming school year. It was a whirlwind of a 2 days from foraging for mushrooms, exploring hidden waterfalls, doing a beach cleanup, and learning about the local ecology. It was incredible to see such a creative, passionate group of students. SEEC offers a truly unique place based, experiential way of learning. Screenshots, and behind the scenes photos can be found here

Everything Old: My Vintage Series

a 12 part series exploring how people are using vintage in their lives. Everything old is an antique/museum shop nestled in the heart of Brentwood Bay, BC.  

Commercial Work

a growing list of commercial videos I have worked on for various clients. 


A curated collection of some of my favourite shots to date.

SISTERS RISING: Jaadalang Dagwiiyas- Strong Haida Women

Sisters Rising is a community-based research project for Indigenous girls, youth of all genders, and communities speaking back against sexualized violence. 

I was fortunate to co-create this project Jaadalang Dagwiiyas- Strong Haida Women with researcher Chantal Adams. The film explores the idea between land and body sovereignty in Haida Gwaii.

My continuing role with Sisters Rising is performing digital media work.     



Coextinction travels to Canada's wild and beautiful West Coast, capturing an intimate and provoking story of extraordinary people fighting to save an extraordinary species. In this film, we discover the Salish Sea's ecosystem and understand how to protect the Southern Resident Killer Whales.

I had the privilege to work with the creators of Coextinction along with many other filmmakers, on their documentary illuminating the fight to protect the southern resident killer whales.

[Provided & Shot Footage]

Check out their website, and join the initiative! @coextinctionfilm #wearetheorca